"kucium bunga itu berkali kali
dan dalam keharumannya
aku terkenangkan dirimu..."


Hi how are you?
Just had the urge to drop a line here.
I think I fucked up bad.

I need time off from life.

I need a girlfriend who would fuck me silly.

I need a present that does not clash with my vision of the future.

You're probably thinking "people have written journals for a reason kid!"


I am a shy attention whore. Whore that is such a bad word.

Sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh.

I moved to
a long time ago.

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Idaman is a young Malaysian on the lookout for an education in Los Angeles, California. She strives to write but is constantly sidetracked by clubs, books, plays, food and occasionally, her school work. She appreciates feedback from her readers and accepts praise, brickbats and party invites at [email protected]

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